My Feelings About People

I think people are interesting. They are all so different in their own way and have different characteristics. People can make me really happy, but also can change my mood right away. I change with the people I am with. People really affect me and that can be either in a good or bad way. People also really make me confused. Some people act really differently in front of me and other people, which makes me think if it is really the same person.

People Around Me

I have met many people in my life, whether they are older, younger, or the same age. Every single person I have met are very different. Everyone has different personalities, and many people around me have different personalities and styles, but I still try to get along with them. Of course, in the process of getting closer, not everything goes my way, but I try to stay with people who support and understand me instead of only thinking about themselves. Right now, most people that I stay with are people I can rely on.

Types of People I Like

This may sound like I am picky with choosing people I feel comfortable around with, but that’s not really true. I like to get close to many people. Even though I like to have many friends, I prefer just having a few friends that are really close to me and I can stay with all the time and never get bored. I like people who match well with my personality and understand me even if I have different personalities. I also like people who are funny and can make me laugh a lot.

How I Get Close To People

I used to be really bad at getting closer to people, but know I am rather better at getting closer to people. I think I got social over the past years by just meeting new people and talking to them. I usually get closer easily when there is something that the other person and I can both talk about, such as things we like. If I like the same thing as that person, I am able to get close easily. I also have lots I can talk about which makes me not get bored when I am with them.

What I Like About People

I like how everyone is different in their own way and has different thoughts. Everyone has different personalities and faces. I like this because if everyone was the same, it would be boring and nothing would be interesting. People can make you happy which I like, and when I am with someone, I feel much more supported and stronger than when I am alone.

What I Don’t Like About People

I don’t like how there are so many people who cannot understand my feelings even when I try to show it as much as I can. Of course, everyone has different thoughts and understandings, but I want them to know simple things such as when I am mad or feel sad even without saying it. I like being with people, but sometimes I prefer staying alone instead of many people bugging on to me asking what the problem is.